Nusa Penida: The Jewel of Bali


It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Indonesia. If you want to get away from crowded Bali, this place is a great escape. Once you reach Nusa you are in for some magical sights and spectacular nature. This island really has some photogenic places. Continue reading “Nusa Penida: The Jewel of Bali”


Batur Temple

lake temple

Also know as Ulun Danu Batur Temple, this temple is located 900 meters above sea level, in the mountains of Bali. Batur temple appears to be floating in the lake Batur. It is the most picturesque temple located on shores of lake Batur. Most of the time temple is covered in mist and clouds.

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Madakaripura Waterfalls : Our Secret


Hidden in forests of Java, these waterfalls are not to be missed. Now that I’m writing about it, there’s nothing secret about it. Very few people know about them as was evident by the fact that we were the only people there..

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Two days in Yogyakarta




Day 1

Visiting Maliboro market

We were staying at Greenhouse boutique hotel from where the Maliboro market was only a becak away…now you might wondering what becak is. .? These are the traditional manually driven three wheeled cycles-  or as we say in India it’s a rickshaw but in inverted form. Riding a becak is must! They normally charge around 50K for a 30 min ride around the area. Never ever miss out on anything that is native to a place.

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Going Down into Jomblang cave



The descent

We were lowered down into the cave manually with the help of an elaborate rope and pulley system. Starting out it looked scary as it was a straight drop of about 60 meters but the trained experts at Jomblang lowered us into the cave at a pretty decently slow speed. It took us about a minute to get to the bottom, a pretty exciting ride !
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